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January 13, 2011

Everywhere you look on the net, photographers and bloggers are looking back at the past year. Everyone is also looking ahead, setting goals and making plans. 2010 was a mixed bag for me. I struggled to find my footing as a photographer and probably did not practise nearly enough. Jobs were in short supply and the recession hit many people really hard. We were fairly lucky all things considered. As I look back I am able to reflect on the experiences we had, both good and bad. This past year we were lucky enough to travel both locally and abroad. I was lucky enough to do a photography workshop with Steve Simon at GPP where I also met fantastic photographers.  I also received a once in a lifetime opportunity to join a friend in France on a cooking course in Charroux.

As usual  I find my life surrounded and influenced by my family, especially my boys. They keep me both grounded and on my toes. Food is naturally a huge part of our family life. If I am not baking then I am cooking for family and friends. My life is spent either in the kitchen or in front of my mac. Apart from work, family commitments, after school activities and trying to develop my business, life has also had some some moments of sadness. We’ve had to say good bye to good friends and to my beloved Grandmother, who died this week after a short but incredibly painful battle with cancer. Her passing has also made me realize just how fleeting life can be. With this in mind, I have set myself a few goals, both professionally and personally.

My photography goals are as follows:

1. Focus on being a better photographer by focusing on improving my lighting and composition.

  1. Get out of my comfort zone.

*To shoot more portraits of people, both friends and strangers on the street.

*Shoot everyday objects creatively.

*Shoot story – telling images of food

  1. Focus on building my portfolio.
  2. Update my website to include personal work and meta tag all my images.
  3. Blog at least once a week.

Lets hope I am better at goal setting than I am at resolutions!

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