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Family Studio Portraits

February 28, 2011

When my nephew and nieces were visiting recently, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture all five the cousins together. We get together so rarely, and whenever we do, the children have grown so much since the previous visit, that it becomes an obsession to capture them as they are each time. We are lucky that the cousins all get on really well, so visits are not marred by friction or clashes. In fact they all share the same stubbornness, and fun-loving personalities. When I look at photographs of these kids together, I am always left slightly saddened by the fact that we live so far apart. My sister-in -law (who is really like the sister I never had) and I dream of the day we can just pop over to one another’s homes for a cuppa and a chat. Both families are working on Plan B so that hopefully we can one day be closer geographically. Being an expat has its advantages. Missing out on family is the one major disadvantage. I would love to see my nephews and nieces’ christmas concerts for example, or go to their school plays or watch them in action on the sports field or in the pool or wherever. My nieces in South Africa, now 15 and 12, have literally grown up without me ever being a part of their lives. I do not know what their likes or dislikes are. I don’t know the look they have on their faces when they are afraid or happy. These are the things that make being with family special. These are the things that make being am expat an undesirable experience. Imagine, family get togethers. You could just have a bbq or look after each other’s kids, so that you could go out without having to worry about a baby sitter or leaving your kids with someone you hardly know. The kids of course have the added advantage of developing relationships with kids of a similar age with the added bonus of sharing a bond that runs deeper than just living nearby. Maybe one day in the not too distant future I can call Victoria up and say, ” Hey, I’ve baked a cake, bring the kids round…”


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