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A Food Rant and Gluten, Dairy, Egg and Sugar Free Banana and Date Cake

June 5, 2012

For those (not many, but still…) that follow this little blog, you will have noticed that I have been away for some time. It is said, and well known that woman are great multi-taskers.  True. Mostly. I can simultaneously unpack a dishwasher, clean-up and cook a meal that would make Brie from Desperate Housewives quite desperate. However, this is not at all true when I have stuff going on inside my head. Which some of you might even say is quite often:) When I am pondering my next move, my motivation, the meaning of life and all that it might or might not encompass. I absolutely cannot do more than one thing at a time. So this little piece of cyberspace has to take a back seat while I am in that space.

So for now, I will share this little cake that I came up with for the kids. For those of you that have real food issues and cannot eat dairy or gluten or eggs this will be a real treat. It tastes “REAL” as my boys would say, as in not “LAME”.

The media is full of stories of all types of diets at the moment. People that are not eating this or that out of fear of some dreaded fat gene being passed on to them or following the latest crazy diet that does not allow this, but only that type of food. I am not a doctor ( although I assure you with my experience of candida and its related illnesses I may as well be) or a nutritionist, so I am really not qualified to talk about what is healthy and not healthy food or what you should or should not eat.

What I do know is this. People have caused their own food issues to a large extent. We have been swayed by false advertising into buying and eating rubbish. Stuff that is not even food anymore. We  (royal “we” you understand) eat fast food, packaged food, instant TV dinners and then we wonder why we have  become intolerant to certain foods, why our children have eczema, why we are bloated, depressed, have lack-lustre hair and skin not to mention hyperactivity, thyroid problems, diabetes and even cancer. So many of  our health problems today stem from our environment. The pollutants in the air we breath, the water we drink, the lotions and potions we apply to our bodies and the food we eat. Even if we cook from scratch, like everybody should, we still have no idea what man made chemical cocktail lurks inside the food we are preparing.  Scary stuff.

When I am in the supermarket, the scariest thing I see are mothers allowing their young children to choose the foods they want to eat. Guess what they choose? Yes, Cheerios and other cereals with the latest super heroes on the box. Bright pink yoghurts and candies and crisps. I despair. When are people going to stop and think about the choices they make? Are we so detached from reality, from the here and now that we are in some kind of comatose state where we let others decide what we buy and what we eat?

Those of us that do stop and think about the choices we have, still cannot choose the foods we would like. We cannot eat completely organically, at least in Dubai, since I do not believe there is a wide enough variety and the cost is astronomical. What are we to do?

Firstly we need to be sensible and realistic. We need to eat as our grandparents did. Fresh, wholesome food cooked from scratch. Nothing that comes from a box with a list of ingredients as long as your arm, most of which you do not even recognise as food. We need to stop following crazy diet ideas and eat smaller portions of fresh healthily prepared home cooked food i.e. stay away from hydrogenated fats like margarine (which is man made and not at all natural), limit your meat intake and up your fresh fruit and vegetables. If you do eat meat, make sure it’s grass fed free range meat so that the meat itself is healthy and not pumped full of chemicals and antibiotics, the same can be said for milk. Throw in the odd bit of good quality dark chocolate, good quality ice cream ( not that chemical supermarket stuff), eat lovely home made cake now and then and enjoy the very occasional glass of red wine. Surely life and food is about enjoyment too. If there is one thing I know, it is that suffering from food related ailments and health issues is not enjoyable. So if you have the ability to change your life and your health by eating differently, wouldn’t you?

That doesn’t sound too difficult does it? I understand that for some  folks it is. Especially for people that have grown up in an environment where they have not had the opportunity to be exposed to healthy cooking and eating. Even if this is you, there is hope. The internet is full of wonderful healthy blogs with recipes that anyone can follow, or see a nutritionist or sign up for a cookery course. Here in Dubai we are very lucky to have cookery classes at Balance Cafe where people can learn to cook healthy meals from scratch.

Just for starters you can begin cooking from scratch by making this cake. The added bonus is that if you are intolerant to eggs, dairy or gluten this is perfect for you. Enjoy!

Click to see and print the recipe: Gluten Free Banana and Date Cake

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  1. June 5, 2012 5:13 PM

    Lovely cake. Love the picture. I totally relate to where you come from: I struggle to understand the people who mindlessly shove everything into their mouths, just because they can. Looking into other people’s supermarket trolleys makes me cringe every time I go there. But in the end of the day, I am only responsible to feed myself and my family right. If an open-minded stranger asks me my opinion, I’d be more than happy to discuss food and nutrition. But the regular stranger in the supermarket or food court in the shopping mall? Who am I to tell them what to eat. Voicing your opinion through a blog is probably as much as we can do, and hopefully many little voices will change the bigger tone in the perception of what’s good and what’s not.

  2. June 6, 2012 7:42 AM

    I’ve witnessed the child’s choice coming first in other aspects too – I want to rush up and say ‘but you are the adult, you should be making the decisions’! This applies even to life-threatening situations – e.g. ‘we just can’t get him into his car seat because he gets so upset’ (real quote). On the food front, it’s the ingredients that have seeped into everything that we don’t know about – have listened to some very worrying programmes about palm oil and soy recently.

  3. Brenda Kassir permalink
    June 6, 2012 11:51 AM

    Lovely 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  4. June 6, 2012 12:10 PM

    Anja and Sally, I guess blogging gives us a voice on topics such as these. Unfortunately the people that we would love to address and teach and the very ones that don’t read food blogs. Of course we can only put what we know out there you cannot prescribe to people, ultimately everyone can choose to do what they want. Free choice ultimately wins. Wouldn’t it be great though if somehow we could collectively create consciousness in all.

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